Aurora Bearing Product Catalog 319 • Fax 630-859-0971 118 INSTALLATION OF SPHERICAL BEARING WITH STAKING GROOVES TOOLS AND STAKING METHODS Figure 2 SPHERICAL BEARING INSTALLATION The bearings have grooves in each side of the bearing race face, leaving a small lip. Staking tools (as shown above in Figure 2) are then used to stake the lip over the chamfer edges of the housing. A typical arrangement consists of two identical anvils and one guide pin which is secured by a set screw in the bottom anvil. PROCEDURES 1. Install bearing into housing as shown in Figure 1 (pg. 76) and position bearing symmetrical about housing centerline. 2. Align bearing with staking tool and guide pin as shown in Figure 2. 3. A trial stake assembly should be made to determine staking force necessary to meet thrust load requirements. Proper staking force is required because excessive pressure could result in bearing distortion along with life. 4. Pressure established by trial assembly is to be applied. After first stake is completed rotate assembly 90° and re-apply. Repeat operation through a minimum of three rotations to insure 360° uniformity of stake. 5. After staking, a slight gap may exist between race lip and housing chamfer. This slight gap (shown below) may not be cause for rejection if bearing meets or exceeds thrust loads.