Aurora Bearing Product Catalog 319 • Fax 630-859-0971 121 TEMPERATURE LIMITS TEMPERATURE LIMITS The following is a listing of the ultimate temperatures Aurora Bearing Company standard catalog series are capable of operating at. With the exception of the PTFE lined series, all bearings must be well lubricated with a suitable grease to meet the stated temperature. 250º F MM-T MW-T AM-T AW-T CM-ET CW-ET MM-MT MW-MT AIB-T COM-T MIB-T SIB-T KM-T KW-T HCOM-T COM-ET GE…ES-2RS GEZ…ES-2RS GE…ET-2RS GEZ…ET-2RS ALM-T XALM-T RAM-T RXAM-T SM-T SW-T SM-ET SW-ET 300º F GE GE…ES GEZ…ES 400º F CM CW VCM VCW MM MW KM KW SM SW CM-S CW-S CM-M CW-M MM-M MW-M KM-M KW-M COM-M COM HCOM MIB LCOM XM ASM(K) ASW(K) GMM GMW CAM VCAM VCAW 325º F HXAM-T HAB-T PRM-T PRXM-T PNB-T/-TG PWB-T/-TG ASM(K)-T ASW(K)-T ANC-T/-TG AWC-T/-TG AJB ATM(K)-T ATW(K)-T ASM(K)-ET ASW(K)-ET ATM(K)-ET ATW(K)-ET 500º F AM AW AM-M AW-M COM-KH HCOM-KH AIB SIB XAM RAM RXAM 600º F SM-E SW-E COM-E FOR SERIES NOT LISTED, CONSULT AURORA BEARING COMPANY ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT.