Aurora Bearing Product Catalog 319 • Fax 630-859-0971 4 AURORA BEARING COMPANY GENERAL INFORMATION In 1971 a new company entered the rod end and spherical bearing marketplace. This new firm, Aurora Bearing Company, soon became a major force in the rod end industry. Known primarily for a high quality product and a strong commitment to customer service, the firm dramatically increased its market coverage and now serves nearly every industry and aerospace market. These markets include among others: textile and packaging machinery, machine tools, business machines, recreation and exercise equipment, agricultural and off highway vehicles, commercial transportation and high performance racing vehicles as well as military equipment and commercial air and spacecraft. Over the years, Aurora Bearing has retained its original business philosophy of furnishing a high quality product at competitive prices. In addition, the company’s initial goals of providing prompt delivery and furnishing service with a personal touch have been rigidly maintained. Aurora Bearing offers a complete line of standard rod end and spherical bearings. We also design and manufacture special bearings to meet a variety of applications that require custom engineered units or special materials. Now marketing products worldwide, Aurora Bearing fields a very competent sales force that is available to assist and provide you with a practical and sound solution to rod end and spherical bearing application problems and challenges. PRODUCT INFORMATION ENGINEERING DATA AND ROD ENDS Aurora Bearing Company rod ends are, unless noted, manufactured utilizing two construction styles. They are of the two or three-piece type. Both are made with the solid, or onepiece, race construction method and feature the advantages of metal-to-metal contact between bearing components. (PTFE to metal interface may also be incorporated when specified). The standard two-piece style consists of a body and precision ground heat treated steel ball. This type of construction allows the rod end body to carry a greater radial static load. This configuration also offers greater misalignment capabilities. A variety of materials and plating options for the component parts in this series are available. Any cold-formable steel in the stainless and alloy steel categories can be specified for the body, and all hardenable alloys such as 52100 and 440C stainless steel may be employed for the ball component. The three-piece style consists of a body, ball and race. This type of unit, offering fully swaged bearing construction, features the advantages of optimized spherical conformity between the ball and race. It also offers flexibility in that many different types of materials can be interchanged in each component part, providing combinations that can be tailored to meet just about any application requirement. The SPM/SPW series features a proprietary molded liner system with low friction and low moisture absorbing properties. Consult our engineering department for materials to fit your special application. Materials used in the standard catalog items are outlined on the appropriate detail page. SPHERICAL BEARINGS These bearings incorporate the single piece race type construction, providing optimized ball-to-race conformity. They can be re-lubricated through an annular groove in the outer race with two interconnecting holes positioned at 180 degrees. Various metals may also be substituted in these types of units to meet special requirements. Recommended housing bores are given on pages 112-114. PTFE LINED ROD ENDS AND SPHERICAL BEARINGS Composite PTFE lined races are available as noted in most rod end bearing units and all spherical bearings. The steel race has a self-lubricating liner; a PTFE impregnated woven fabric, chemically bonded to the inner diameter of the race, and is denoted by the suffix “T”. All Aurora Bearing liner style options are maintenance free and offer improved frictional characteristics. They have been developed by Aurora engineers specifically for bearing use, and are exclusive to Aurora Bearing products. Except as noted, AT1400 is supplied as the standard liner in all commercial units. It is designed primarily to satisfy the demands of the commercial/industrial market as well as most high performance applications. This liner can be used in temperatures ranging from -65° to +250° F. AT3200 is an ultra-high performance liner qualified to SAE-AS81820 Type A, developed for military and aircraft/ aerospace applications. This liner offers higher load carrying capacity as well as greatly increased dynamic wear characteristics and can be used in temperatures ranging from -65° to +325° F. This liner is standard on all military specification bearings manufactured by Aurora Bearing, as well as certain high performance commercial bearings as used in the automotive racing industry. It can also be specified on other lined products manufactured by Aurora Bearing where demanding applications require its superior performance characteristics. AT2100 is used in commercial units with stainless steel race construction. It is tailored for applications with aqueous environments. Aurora 2 piece rod ends with the prefix “V” use Aurora’s steel backed PTFE composite liner, resulting in the benefits of a PTFE lined bearing at an economical price. Aurora Bearing also has available a variety of alternate liner configurations to suit special requirements. Information on these and other liner configurations can be found on page 120. Manufacturing and worldwide supplier of the highest quality rod ends and spherical bearings - anywhere!