Aurora Bearing Product Catalog 319 • Fax 630-859-0971 80 LUBRICATION FITTINGS NOTES: 1. Flush type grease fitting (figure D) may be substituted for the zerk type grease fittings shown in figures A and B when properly specified with “F” suffix in the part number. (ex. AM-6F or AM-M10F) 2. GF-0028 Zerk type grease fitting (Figure C) with ball check may be substituted when properly specified with “-28”. (ex.: AW-6Z-28 or AW-M10Z-28) The substitution of GF-0028 may affect the usable thread depth of some female rod ends. AURORA PART NO.: GF-0010 AURORA PART NO.: GF-0028 AURORA PART NO.: GF-0032 AURORA PART NO.: GF-0020 NO BALL CHECK .2500-28 TAPER THREAD NO BALL CHECK A B D C